Do you need clarification about what size motor you need for a treadmill? You are not alone! Buying a treadmill can be confusing, especially when understanding the motor size.  Do not worry; We are here to quickly help you know treadmill horsepower.

If you like to run fast, go for a treadmill with at least 3.0 horsepower that always works.  If you are more into jogging, a treadmill with at least 2.5 horsepower working constantly is good. And if you like to walk, 2.0 horsepower will work fine for you.

Why Are You Buying a Treadmill

Why do you want a treadmill? You may want to walk when the weather outside is terrible. Your reason helps you decide what size motor you need for your treadmill. Check a chart for some basic suggestions.

Remember, the suggestions are just a starting point. You can always choose a more powerful motor, like a 3.0 hp treadmill if you plan to use it a lot. A stronger motor will last longer and can keep up with your workouts.

So, figure out why you want a treadmill, look at the chart, and pick a motor that will meet your needs. This way, you will make a good choice and be happy with your treadmill.

How Many Persons Will Be Using Your Treadmill

You might think you will use it once or twice a week. But what about your spouse or kids? If everyone uses it, the treadmill will be very busy!

Did you know the average family uses their treadmill up to 15 times weekly? That is not just a little; it is a lot!

Before you buy, think about how everyone will use it. Will you all walk, or will some people run or even sprint? How you use it matters as much as how often you use it.

How Much Does Each Treadmill User Weight

Let’s chat about that mighty engine—the treadmill motor. The amount you will use the treadmill and your weight are the VIP factors here.

If you only plan on walking a couple of times a week and you are as light as a feather, a smaller motor is fine.

Now, if you weigh more than 200 lbs, listen up! Add a smidge (.5hp) to the motor size you initially thought you would need. Why? A heftier, you demand a beefier motor.

For example, I clock in over 200 lbs and plan to walk daily. The starting suggestion is 2hp. So, I popped on an extra .5hp and aimed for a 2.5hp motor. Easy.

Remember, a better-suited motor equals a long-lasting treadmill. 

Treadmill Use: How Often and How Long?

Choosing a treadmill is not a walk in the park—especially when you’re considering treadmill exercises for overweight beginners, or training for a marathon like my sister-in-law. She is more about lasting the distance than breaking speed records, but that doesn’t mean she can skimp on horsepower.

Forget the 3hp models, those are mere “starters.”

Stats show most long-distance runners opt for 3.5 to 4 hp treadmills. Why? Longevity and endurance, my friends. To keep her feet pounding and her heart pumping for hours, we snagged her a 4hp treadmill. A 3.5hp model could have done the job, but better safe than sorry.

Remember, if you are going the distance, look for good horsepower for a treadmill to ensure you are on solid ground.

Understanding The Mechanics

A Look At The Incline Motor

Your treadmill has two motors. The main motor makes the belt move when you run or walk. The second motor changes the angle of the treadmill to make you feel like you are going uphill or downhill.

Both motors usually sit under the middle part of the treadmill. This helps keep everything stable when you are using it.

Do not worry too much about the second motor on your non folding treadmills. As long as you are not heavier than what the treadmill’s guide says, both engines will work fine for a long time.

Remember, regularly checking and cleaning both motors is an excellent way to keep your Non Folding Treadmills working well. And that is all you need to know to keep your treadmill running smoothly!

The Circuit Board

Control boards are like the brain of your motor. They have different names, like PWM boards or SCR boards. These boards have electric lines that help different parts of the motor talk to each other. They do more than that, though.

They also manage the power going to the motor so everything runs smoothly.

If you take good care of these boards, you will not have to replace them often. 

What The Letters “CHP” Mean For Treadmill Motors

When looking at treadmills, you will see terms like “CHP” and “HP” to describe the motor’s power. CHP means Continuous HorsePower. It tells you how strong the motor is all the time, not just at its best moment. This is good for a steady workout.

On the other hand, HP tells you the motor’s most decisive moment. But remember, your house’s electrical system can only give a limited amount of power.

So, even if the treadmill says it has a powerful motor, your home might not be able to support it fully. Keep that in mind when you are choosing.

How Long Should The Motor Last

Your treadmill’s motor should last between 7 and 12 years. It will cost you between $300 and $500 if you need to replace it. The motor’s life depends on how much you use it.

It might not last as long if you use it a lot for only a short time.

Think about this: Is it worth fixing if your motor breaks and your treadmill is over seven years old? You could spend $500, and something else might break soon. A new treadmill costs about $1,000. So, you should buy a new one instead.

A quick tip: Clean the area around the motor often. Dust can make it break sooner.


Is a 2.5 HP motor good for a treadmill?

A 2.5 HP treadmill can typically go up to 10 to 12 mph speeds. It’s fast enough for most types of workouts, including sprints.

How fast is the 2.5 HP treadmill?

Yes, a 2.5 HP motor is generally good for a treadmill. It’s strong enough for walking and running and is often recommended for home use.

Can you run on a 1.5 hp treadmill?

Running on a 1.5 HP treadmill is possible, but it’s better suited for walking or light jogging. It might struggle with higher speeds or longer running sessions.

How much HP is good for a treadmill?

A treadmill motor between 2.0 and 3.0 HP is good for most home workouts. It provides a nice balance between performance and durability.

Should I get an AC or DC motor on my treadmill?

AC motors are generally more powerful but noisier, best for gyms. DC motors are quieter and better for home use.

What’s a good warranty on a treadmill motor?

A good warranty for a treadmill motor ranges from 10 years to a lifetime. The longer, the better.

Can a broken motor be replaced?

Yes, a broken motor can be replaced. Costs vary, but expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a new one.


Having a lifetime warranty is a big plus; it reveals the maker’s confidence in the motor and their craftsmanship. Keep in mind that quality treadmills often endure for 12 years or even more. When choosing, opt for CHP over HP and pick the highest number that fits your budget or needs.