Here at Treadmill Main Spot, we love foldable treadmills. But let’s not ignore the undeniable appeal of non-folding treadmills.

They are heavy-duty and incredibly durable, making them excellent exercise equipment.

However, it’s important to note that non-folding treadmills often have a higher price tag.

While foldable treadmills save space in your home gym, non-folding ones make up for it with powerful motors and long-running decks.

These features are perfect for both running and sprinting. In this article, I’ll walk you through the best non-folding treadmills we have tried.

We will provide insights on each model, helping you find the one that suits your fitness goals: weight loss or improving your running speed.

We Have Tested Tons Of Treadmills

At Treadmill Main Spot, our expert product testers have tried numerous cardio equipment, including exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and treadmills.

Regarding treadmills, we’ve gone beyond budget models to explore commercial-grade machines. This collection features non-folding treadmills that we’ve put to the test with our sweat and tears.

But we’re not just testers but also certified personal trainers, CrossFit Level 1 Trainers, former college athletes, and nutrition coaches.

So, we know exactly what to look for in fitness equipment. We’re here to provide accurate information to guide your non-subscription treadmill purchase and create your ideal home gym.

Best Non Folding Treadmill 2023

Here’s the list of top non-folding treadmills available in the market;

1. NordicTrack Commercial X22i – Best Compact Treadmill with Incline

Best Non Folding Treadmills

Looking for a top-rated portable treadmill? The NordicTrack X22i is a beast in every sense: it’s big, heavy, packed with advanced technology, and has a hefty price tag.

But this machine might be your perfect match if you are a dedicated runner, hiker, hill climber, or triathlete. It offers an impressive range, from a -6% decline to a 40% incline.

This treadmill is built like a tank, boasting a powerful motor and reaching top speeds of 12 MPH. Plus, it features extra handlebars on either side of the console, providing stability while you conquer those hills.

But wait, there’s more!

The X22i has a generous 22-inch iFIT-enabled touchscreen, giving you access to various on-demand workouts. You can even use Google Maps to virtually explore different locations worldwide, as the incline and decline automatically adjust to mimic the terrain.


  • Solid commercial machine
  • Great incline and decline range
  • Meaty motor
  • Big user-friendly touchscreen


  • Takes up a lot of space

Why Should You Buy It?

Remember that the iFIT membership comes with an additional monthly fee on top of the initial machine cost. However, if you are willing to invest in quality and crave challenging workouts, the NordicTrack X22i won’t disappoint.

2. Assault Runner Pro Review – Best Manual Non-Folding Treadmill

Best Non Folding Treadmills

When you first see the AssaultRunner Pro, you might mistake it for a regular treadmill, but it’s quite different.

This treadmill falls under the category of manual treadmills, unlike the ones you typically find in most gyms that have a power switch (those are called motorized treadmills, and we’ve tested plenty of those, too!).

What sets manual treadmills apart is that they do not need to be plugged in or have fancy buttons for adjustments.

They don’t consume electricity, yet they are excellent running machines for home gyms.

Instead, manual treadmills rely on the user’s speed, power, position, and stride. With each step, the runner pushes the belt backward.

The faster you go, the quicker the belt moves. As you can imagine, manual treadmills are more challenging to use than motorized ones.

A study published in Frontiers in Physiology 2017 found that manual treadmills require greater cardiovascular effort than motorized treadmills.

With each run, you burn more calories and improve your cardio capacity. Moreover, manual treadmills are designed to help enhance running form due to the curved belt’s impact on foot strikes.


  • Built-in transport wheels 
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • 100% athlete-powered
  • Does not require an electrical plug
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • Solid steel frame and handrails


  • Very heavy and hard to move 
  • Expensive

Why Should You Buy It?

Manual treadmills are a worthwhile investment for those aiming to boost their power, explosiveness, and cardiovascular endurance.

They are also commonly used in functional fitness competitions like the CrossFit Games. So if you are looking for the best compact treadmill for small spaces, the AssaultRunner Pro is worth considering.

3. Sole Fitness TT8 Light Non-Folding Treadmill

Best Non Folding Treadmills

For runners, the Sole TT8 treadmill is an excellent option, especially for those looking for a quiet treadmill for their apartment.

This premium machine’s strong, non-folding structure is designed to withstand rigorous training sessions. The roomy running belt, measuring 60″ long by 22″ broad, offers enough space for comfortable running.

The TT8 is a powerful 4.0 HP motor-driven treadmill intended for long runs and intense training.

The Sole TT8 stands out thanks to its remarkable weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, which makes it perfect for larger people or those who are involved in intense exercise. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, engine, and deck, Sole stands by the durability of this treadmill.

The TT8 is best suited for people who have a dedicated home gym or workout room because it is not foldable.

But because of its toughness and commercial-grade design, it can sustain heavy use and is therefore appropriate for multi-user homes or light business settings.

The Flex Whisper deck of the Sole TT8 offers great shock absorption and lessens the impact on your joints by 40%.

Longer, more pleasant runs are made possible by this cushioning, which lowers the possibility of accidents and exhaustion.


  • Solid non-folding frame 
  • Steel beams
  • Advanced heart rate training 
  • -6% decline adds downhill training 
  • Extended lifetime warranty on frame


  • The motor hood is large and can get in the way of a long forward stride.

Why Should You Buy It?

With its precision-welded frame, commercial-grade chassis, and motor, the Sole TT8 is built to last. The steel flywheel aids the motor, preventing overheating and reducing power consumption.

You can trust this treadmill to deliver a quiet and reliable workout experience, effectively helping you achieve your fitness goals.

4. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Best Non Folding Treadmills

Introducing the ProForm Pro 2000, a unique and quiet treadmill perfect for apartments. The Pro 2000 offers incline and decline features, unlike other treadmills in this price range.

You can incline it up to 12% and even decline it to -3%, giving you versatile training options. The best part? It folds up neatly when unused, making it ideal for those with limited space.

With a sturdy 3.25 horsepower motor, the Pro 2000 supports walking, jogging, and light running. It can handle up to 300 lbs, making it suitable for most users.

Plus, the ReBoundPro cushioning reduces impact and joint discomfort during your workouts.

The Pro 2000 takes connectivity to the next level with wireless Bluetooth synchronization, allowing you to pair it with your favourite headphones.

Thanks to the iFit feature, you can enjoy programs while the treadmill automatically adjusts incline and speed, giving you a hands-free walking experience.

iFit also comes free for the first year and offers up to five profiles for different users in your home. And let’s remember the stylish touch of the red stripe along the base, adding a vibrant quality to the Pro 2000.


  • Newer model with updated tech and a bright 10” touchscreen
  • Has a 10-year warranty on the frame
  • iFit comes free for the first 30 days 
  • Folds up and locks into place when not in use


  • We don’t recommend this for extensive training

Why Should You Buy It?

The ProForm Pro 2000 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a compact, feature-packed treadmill. We highly recommend it for a seamless and enjoyable workout experience!

How We Picked And Tested The Best Non-Folding Treadmills

Looking for the best folding treadmills for your home gym? Well, don’t overlook non-folding treadmills! They can be a great option but consider the space and budget. Our team of experts tested each treadmill on this roundup to bring you the best non-folding options.

Here are the factors we considered when creating this list:

  1. Price: Non-folding treadmills are generally pricier, but we’ve included reasonably priced machines that offer value for money.
  2. Warranty: Each product meets industry standards, ensuring you’re covered.
  3. Construction: We selected treadmills that provide stability and don’t shake during workouts.
  4. Weight limit: These treadmills can handle weights exceeding the standard 275 pounds.
  5. Deck size: With around a 60-inch deck, these treadmills comfortably accommodate runners and tall individuals.
  6. Display: Our list includes both high-tech interactive screens and basic LCDs.
  7. Speed range: Motorised treadmills capable of reaching at least 12 MPH are featured.
  8. Portability: Although not foldable, these treadmills have transport wheels for easier movement.

Benefits Of Non-Folding Treadmill

Best Non-Folding Treadmill

Non-folding treadmills offer exceptional stability as their frames lack folding mechanisms. This absence of hinges ensures a rock-solid foundation during workouts.

Moreover, these robust machines boast higher user weight capacities, thanks to their heavy-duty solid frames and overall weight.

By eliminating the folding feature, non-folding treadmills prioritise durability and sturdiness, allowing users of varying weights to exercise confidently.

With their solid construction and enhanced stability, these treadmills are ideal for individuals seeking a reliable and long-lasting fitness companion.

Manual Vs Motorized

Within the non-folding category, you’ll find two types of treadmills: manual and motorised. Let’s take a brief look at each:

1. Non-Folding Motorized Treadmill

Motorised treadmills come in different price ranges, from affordable options to top-of-the-line machines. When it comes to non-folding motorised treadmills, they usually share a few key features:

  1. Strong and durable build.
  2. Spacious running surface.
  3. High-powered motor for smooth operation.
  4. Ability to adjust the incline for more challenging workouts.
  5. Suitable for various speeds, including walking, jogging, and running.

2. Non-Folding Manual Treadmill 

When it comes to manual treadmills, they stand out as athlete-powered machines that don’t need an electrical outlet. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. No electricity needed: Unlike motorised treadmills, manual ones don’t rely on a power source.
  2. Promotes efficient running: A manual treadmill helps reinforce a more efficient running stride.
  3. Simple displays: These treadmills usually have low-tech displays, keeping things straightforward.
  4. Potential for higher calorie burn: Maintaining faster speeds on a manual treadmill can lead to higher caloric output.
  5. No incline option: Manual ones don’t offer incline training unlike motorised treadmills.


Are Non-Folding Treadmills Better?

Non-folding treadmills are generally sturdier and more durable due to their fixed frame design, making them a preferred choice for intense workouts and long-term usage.

What Is The Most Reliable Treadmill For Home Use?

The reliability of a treadmill depends on various factors. Still, some popular and trusted home-use options include brands like NordicTrack, Sole, and Life Fitness, known for their quality build and long-lasting performance.

Is A Self-Propelled Treadmill Better?

A self-propelled treadmill offers a different workout experience, relying solely on the user’s effort to move the belt. This can be beneficial for engaging more muscles and providing a challenging workout, but the choice between self-propelled and motorised treadmills ultimately depends on personal preference and fitness goals.

Wrapping Up!

Finding the perfect non folding treadmill for your home can be quite a challenge. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

The problem is that many cheaper treadmills don’t hold up as well as their non-folding counterparts. You want to avoid ending up with a treadmill that breaks down after just a few months.

But fear not! Treadmill Main Spot is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the best non folding treadmills for 2023 to make your decision easier.

Our updated review will give you all the information you need to find the ideal treadmill that suits your needs. Say hello to a reliable and quiet treadmill for your apartment!