New to iFit and wondering how to use it best? No worries! iFit lets you exercise in cool places worldwide, right from home. One minute, you could be running in a faraway city; the next, you’re doing stretches in a beautiful mountain setting.

But iFit does more than make exercise fun. It helps you with various workouts, whether you like fast or slow exercise.

Want to know more? Just search iFit treadmill workout programs explained. iFit also helps you eat right, sleep well, and feel good in your mind.

Ready to try it? You can start with a free 30-day trial to see all the cool things iFit offers. So, are you ready to get healthier?

iFit Membership Guide

Let’s make it simple. If you want to try the iFit app, you can download it on your phone or smart TV. You get to use it for free for 30 days. After that, it costs $14.99 monthly or $180 for a whole year.

This is the same price if you have an iFit treadmill, bike, or other device. But, if you want the app for your whole family, you can pay $39 a month or $396 a year, and up to five people can use it. So you can choose what is best for you.

iFit Treadmill Workouts

Heart To Heart Series

Meet the Heart-to-Heart Series, where you can walk and talk with your iFit trainer on the Treadmill with iFit.

Your trainer will be like a wise friend, sharing life lessons and tips on staying strong when things get tough. This is not about exercise; it’s about learning to handle challenges in life, too.

Four Weeks to iFIT

Ready to kickstart your fitness journey but need help knowing where to begin? Look no further than the Four Weeks to iFit program—a game-changer for newbies.

Imagine lacing up for a jog in Ireland’s lush hills one day and navigating Cambodia’s unique terrain the next, all from the comfort of your home. Thanks to Google Maps and Street View, this four-week challenge transports you to exotic locales without ever needing a passport.

Around the World in 30 Days

Want to see the world but cannot leave your house? Just use your ProForm bike or treadmill for a 30-day workout plan.

You will feel like you are in cool places like Australia, Croatia, Peru, and the Philippines. It is not too hard, but not too easy—just right if you have been working out for a while. 

Everest: A Trek to Base Camp Series

Ready to conquer the tallest peak on the planet from your living room? The Journey to Everest Base Camp experience is your VIP pass. Powered by ProForm tech, this is not your run-of-the-mill sweat session.

You will team up with iFIT guides—real pros who know about scaling 17,500 feet of sheer exhilaration. You will not just burn calories; you will gain insider knowledge.

How To Set Up iFit on My New Treadmill

Step 1: Get the App

First, download the iFIT app from your app store.

Step 2: Sign In

Open the app and sign in. The app will show you how to make an account if you are new. If you already have one, log in.

Step 3: Make Your Profile

If you are new, the app will ask for some basic info like your height, weight, and what you want to achieve with your workouts. If you are not new, check that your info is correct.

Step 4: Connect Your Exercise Machine

If you have exercise equipment that works with iFit, connect it to the app. This lets your online trainer change the settings for you.

Step 5: Use Other Equipment

If you are somewhere that does not have iFit machines, like a hotel, you can still do your workouts. Just change the settings on the machine yourself.

Step 6: Workouts Without Equipment

If you do not have a machine, no problem! The iFit trainers have workouts you can do without any special equipment.

And that’s it! You are all set to start using iFit for your workouts.

How to Troubleshoot iFit on Treadmill

Got an iFit treadmill that is not working, right? Do not worry. Fixing it is easy. First, turn it off. Then, find a small hole in the control panel—the reset button. Use a paperclip to press it. While holding it down, turn the treadmill back on.

You will see a white screen with the iFIT logo and some blue words. This means it is starting over. Remember, this will erase all your settings, so you must set them up again.

Your treadmill should be good to go. Now you can get back to your exercise.

What Treadmills Are Compatible With iFit


Looking for the best treadmill that works with iFit? You are in luck! Most Nordictrack treadmills from the last two years work great with iFit. Just use your home internet to connect through the treadmill’s touch screen.

Want to burn calories even faster? Check out Nordictrack’s special incline treadmills. They are really good for that!

And here’s a bonus

If you use a special link, you can get a free iFit membership for your whole family. But hurry, this offer will only last for a while. 


Some new Proform treadmills work great with iFit. Older ones or cheaper ones? Not so much. If your treadmill has a screen with two colors, you can use iFit.

But you will need to use your tablet. Have you got a Proform with a fancy full-color screen? Awesome, it will connect to iFit, just like the Nordictrack ones.


Freemotion treadmills might make your wallet shriek—they cost about four times more than a solid Nordictrack treadmill.

You get what you pay for. This brand is synonymous with top-notch quality. We are talking about commercial-grade features that can take a beating.

Still, if you are looking for a treadmill that is iFit-compatible and will not break the bank, Nordictrack offers a more budget-friendly option.

So, weigh your options carefully. Do you want premium luxury or good quality that is easier on the wallet? Either way, you are investing in your health, and that is priceless.


Matrix makes really good treadmills, but they are expensive. Even though Matrix competes with another big company called ICON, some Matrix treadmills still have a feature from ICON called iFit. Cool, right?

Matrix is less famous than other treadmill brands, and their machines are hard to find in stores. They usually focus on making strong and fancy treadmills that cost more than $3,500.

They only offer a few different models to choose from. But if you like the Matrix brand and also want iFit, it could be a good choice.

iFit Treadmill Subscription Cost Details

Individual Yearly$15/Month
Indivisual Yearly$180/Month
Family Monthly$39/Month
Family Yearly$396/Month

Benefits of Using iFit on a Treadmill

  • Be Part of iFit for Cool Stuff: When you join iFit, you get more than just workouts. You become part of a big group that loves fitness.
  • Make Friends and Get Help: The iFit community is like your own team of cheerleaders. They help you reach your goals, like losing weight or getting better from an injury.
  • Talk About Equipment: Have a problem with your exercise machine? Talk about it and get help from others who have the same gear.
  • Learn About Trainers and Classes: Find out what people think about iFit trainers and workouts. It is like getting tips from friends.
  • Get New Features First: Being in iFit means using new things before anyone else, like special settings and connections to other health apps.
  • Big Online Family: The iFit community on Facebook is huge, with almost 600,000 people. That is a lot of people you can talk to and learn from.
  • Different Brands Welcome: It is not just for one brand of exercise machine. People with all kinds of equipment are part of the community.



Having explored our introductory guide to iFit, you are well on your way to becoming your healthiest self.

With easy access to top-notch equipment and personalized interactive training programs right at your fingertips, achieving your fitness goals is now closer than ever. And remember, enjoy the journey.