About Us!

About Treadmill Main Spot 

Welcome to your number-one place for working out at home, first known as Treadmill Main Spot. Do you have a gym space in your garage or basement?

We are here to help you make the most of it. We started in 2022 and have improved our website four times since then. Each time, we add more helpful tips to keep you motivated.

We understand you like to exercise without leaving home. That is why we are here—to give you the information and inspiration you need. Stay with us, and let’s reach those health goals together.

This website is all about helping you with your home workouts. We give you transparent and honest advice on all things related to fitness. You can also make your own workout space at home and share it with everyone here. So, even if you are exercising at home, you are not alone. We are a big group of people like you, all working hard to stay fit. 

Our Mission

We are here to help people who work out at home, especially in their garages. We want you to get good value for your money and time. Also, we want you to perform at your best. We offer detailed, honest reviews on all sorts of workout gear. Our aim? To give you clear and useful advice so you can make great choices. We’re all about being helpful, straightforward, and positive.

Our Reviews

Treadmill Main Spot gets better because you help us. How? We get some money when you buy stuff by clicking the links we share. That money shows companies that you trust our advice. This helps us keep the website going and even gets companies to improve their stuff. We’re thankful you’re part of our community. So, keep clicking those links, and we’ll give you great tips!