Looking for a high-quality non-subscription treadmill for your home gym without breaking the bank? 

You do not have to shell out nearly $5,000 for that! I have got great news – you can snag an excellent treadmill for under $2,000!

Picture this: Bluetooth technology, a decently sized HD touchscreen display, and the convenience of folding capabilities for tight spaces – all in one treadmill!

With countless options in different price ranges, it takes time to determine which ones are worth it. That’s where we come in!

We have done the legwork and compiled a review of the top six treadmills under $2,000. Get ready to boost your fitness game without emptying your wallet!

We Know The Treadmills

Looking for treadmill reviews without subscriptions? Look no further! We know our treadmills inside out.

Our expert testers have tried and tested hundreds, so they know what’s good, bad, and ugly. When we get new treadmills at our gym, we give them a thorough month-long test to separate the winners from the losers.

We take a multi-faceted approach.

We do not just rely on one expert’s opinion. We bring physical therapists, certified trainers, weightlifting coaches, and nutrition experts to assess each treadmill from different angles—no marketing fluff here – just authentic, honest reviews.

Best Treadmill Under 2000 in 2023

Here’s the list of top treadmills available in the market:

1. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Best Treadmill Under 2000

Introducing the upgraded Sole F80 Treadmill – a solid machine that’s now even better! This model takes inspiration from the tech-savvy F85, packing in lots of enhanced features. But fear not.

It remains a fantastic hop-on-and-go treadmill without any pesky subscription fees. However, if you fancy some subscription training content, the option is there for you (more on that later).

You’re spoiled for choice with 10 pre-programmed workout modes, including manual, hill, fat burn, cardio, strength, HIIT, 5K, 10K, custom, and heart rate.

Control the treadmill manually or follow preset speeds and inclines in other modes. The F80 automatically adjusts to these levels.

Customization is a breeze – you can tailor your workouts and even perform fitness tests with preset distance and heart rate goals.

The workout modes mirror those of a gym-grade treadmill.

You can view metrics with road, chart, or running track visuals while sweating it out on the Sole F80 – designed for ultimate fitness!


  • An easy-to-use treadmill 
  • 3.5 HP motor 
  • Onboard workout modes, screen mirroring, and streaming 
  • The deck is spacious


  • The fan lacks multiple settings and falls short of providing effective cooling

Why Should You Buy It?

With a sleek design and integrated tech, it’s perfect for quick and easy workouts. Enjoy onboard workout programs and Military Fitness Tests to test your endurance. Plus, the 10.1″ touchscreen lets you stream Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and HBO Max while you exercise.

2. Horizon Fitness 7.8

Best Treadmill Under 2000

The treadmill I received was a complete nightmare from the start. Ordering it through Amazon was troublesome, with delays in delivery and a half-opened box upon arrival, possibly indicating mishandling during shipping.

Assembling the treadmill didn’t go smoothly either, as a crucial part underneath, which came pre-assembled from the manufacturer, came apart while I was using it, nearly causing an accident.

Despite the initial hassle, the treadmill itself performs exceptionally well. It can handle a significant load and doesn’t budge even with a person my size running at high speeds.

The build quality is comparable to what you’d find at a gym or fitness club. One minor drawback is that the control panel and walking deck are separate components, which can be inconvenient when adjusting the incline.

After two weeks of use, my family and I have grown to love the treadmill. The speed and incline adjustments are quick, and the overall experience is smooth and comfortable.

There is a slight squeaking noise, but I’m uncertain whether it’s a simple adjustment issue or something else.

Regarding customer service and shipping, our experience with Horizon was positive, though FedEx could have been more iffy.


  • Rapid Sync technology 
  • Large running track
  • Scientifically-proven Sprint 8 training program built-in


  • Limited built-in programming

Why Should You Buy It?

Ultimately, we are pleased with the AT7.8 treadmill and recommend it, especially if you don’t need an integrated display and prefer a no-nonsense, high-performing machine.

3. Bowflex BXT8J

Best Treadmill Under 2000

The BXT8J is a contender for the “best treadmill under $3000.” While it offers comfort and durability, it’s worth noting that it can get a tad noisy during use.

Whether you are walking or running, you might experience some squeaky sounds, especially at high speeds. However, fear not. A little belt lubricant can help hush those squeaks.

Compared to pricier options like the NordicTrack Commercial 2450, the BXT8J’s motor is still louder.

It has a solid 4.7-star rating based on 15 reviews on Bowflex’s website.

Reviewers admire its no-frills simplicity, sturdy belt, and smooth operation. One user emphasises, “It gets the job done without feeling cheaply made.”

However, let’s keep it real. A few reviewers did mention the noise, but it’s not too intrusive—more like soothing white noise.


  • Incline up to 15%
  • 300 lb. max weight good for the price
  • 7″ LCD screen


  • Large footprint

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re after a straightforward, reliable treadmill that won’t break the bank, the BXT8J is a top-notch choice. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to those high-end connected treadmills. Time to get moving without draining your wallet!

4. Spirit XT385 Treadmill

Best Treadmill Under 2000

The Spirit XT385 treadmill is a top-notch choice for moderate runners and fitness enthusiasts, offering a blend of high-quality components, sturdy build, and exceptional performance. Compared to its XT285 sibling, Spirit has genuinely levelled up with this machine, making it worth the $200 difference.

What sets it apart? This beast boasts a more robust motor, better belt tread, higher weight capacity, and a steeper incline. It’s a runner’s dream come true!

The 7.5″ LCD screen on the Spirit XT385 keeps things simple yet effective, displaying speed and incline controls conveniently placed on the handlebars. Talk about easy access!

The spacious 22″ x 60″ running surface guarantees comfort during your workout, avoiding cramps. Plus, it’s a non-foldable treadmill, perfect for rooms with ample space.

With a 3.5 HP continuous-duty motor and an adjustable cooling fan, this treadmill ensures you stay cool and motivated during those intense sessions.

To combat boredom, it’s equipped with Bluetooth capability, an audio jack, and dual speakers – entertainment on the go!

Supporting a max capacity of 375 lbs., the Spirit XT385 welcomes users of all sizes to achieve their fitness goals without worry.

Although we have yet to test it personally, we heard mixed feedback from a neighbour who found the controls tricky. However, the consensus still applauds the Spirit XT385’s performance and value for money.


  • High-quality build 
  • Powerful 3.5 HP motor 
  • Spacious 22” x 60” running surface for comfort
  • Easy-to-use controls 
  • Entertainment options


  • Fixed incline during certain workout modes
  • Non-foldable design

Why Should You Buy It?

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a fitness enthusiast, the Spirit XT385 is a contender for the best treadmill for the price.

5. Spirit XT285 Treadmill

Best Treadmill Under 2000

Spirit, a top-notch brand, offers an impressive range of residential and commercial-grade treadmills to suit your needs.

I’m a big fan of Spirit – their products are well-crafted and user-friendly, but their standout feature is their unbeatable warranties, which leave other brands in the dust. Think Sole but with even better warranty coverage!

Speaking of options, Spirit has got you covered with various home treadmills.

They label their residential models with “XT,” and the number indicates each model’s rank.
Take the XT285, for example – it’s their second most affordable model, with only the XT185 costing less.
Let’s get to the important stuff – the running surface dimensions. Trust me. This spec is crucial when choosing a treadmill.

Next up, horsepower!

A stronger motor is beneficial, especially for intense running or fast speeds. But truth be told, it’s a perk for any workout routine.
Stronger motors mean less effort for the same output, ensuring a smoother experience on the treadmill.


  • 20″ x 60″ running surface
  • 3.0 HP motor
  • 2.5″ / 2.0″ rollers
  • 350 lb weight capacity


  • Motor could be stronger for this price range

Why Should You Buy It?

Spirit offers top-notch quality, exceptional warranties, and a range of options to suit various needs. So, if you are hunting for the best treadmill under $2,500, Spirit won’t disappoint!

6. Proform Pro 9000

Best Treadmill Under 2000

Introducing the ProForm Pro 9000 manual – your ultimate guide to finding the perfect home treadmill! We get it; the treadmill market can be overwhelming but worry not, we’re here to help! Our team of experts has tried treadmills from various brands, so we can give you the real scoop.

Our reviews come from diverse perspectives, considering different backgrounds, body stats, and preferences. That way, you get a well-rounded evaluation.

Plus, we compare treadmills to each other, like the Sole F85, Horizon 7.8 AT, and NordicTrack 1750 and 2450.

Now, here’s a sweet deal – when you grab the ProForm Pro 9000, you’ll score a free month of iFit, the fitness app.

Trust us, you will want that monthly subscription for the full experience. iFit offers a whopping 16,000+ classes!


  • 22” touchscreen 
  • 12% incline and -3% decline
  • The deck folds and unfolds easily
  • iFit has over 16,000 live and on-demand classes


  • Console has some movement when running

Why Should You Buy It?

Not just on the treadmill, but also in strength training, yoga, cycling, rowing, meditation, and more. Keep your mind and body engaged. You can easily find classes you love with the search option and handy filters. Stay fit, stay smart – that’s the ProForm Pro 9000 way!

What To Look For in a Treadmill under $2000

What’s up with a $2000 treadmill? Let me break it down for you.

You’ll score a top-notch machine with excellent value for your money. These treadmills boast spacious running surfaces, powerful motors, and sturdy frames for intense workouts.

Get ready for a smooth and comfy running experience, thanks to solid motors that handle high speeds and incline settings like a champ. Reach your fitness goals with ease!

These treadmills offer a variety of excellent options. Think interactive displays, built-in workout programs, and Bluetooth/USB connectivity for all your tech needs.

Plus, you are covered with generous warranties, protecting your investment for the long haul.

Running Surface

best commercial treadmill under 2000

The treadmill’s running surface must be carefully considered when evaluating it. It demonstrates the treadmill’s general quality and user experience, frequently differentiating between less expensive and more expensive versions.

Smaller running surfaces are typically found on cheaper treadmills, which could be a sign of lower quality. You can anticipate roomy running areas in the $2000 price range, with measurements of at least 20″ x 60″ (width x length).

Models frequently offer bigger dimensions, including 22″ x 60″ or even 22″ x 62″, in addition to this. A surface longer than 60″ is typically unnecessary unless you’re particularly tall, allowing users of different heights to exercise comfortably.


When it comes to treadmills, a stronger motor is better. In the $2000 range, you’ll find treadmills with motors ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 horsepower (HP), which is robust.

These motors can reach speeds of up to 12 mph smoothly and quietly. You can expect DC (direct current) motors in this price range, perfect for home use as they efficiently meet most users’ needs at a reasonable cost.

AC (alternating current) motors are in pricier treadmills and commercial-grade models. They handle longer usage without overheating, which is ideal for multi-user settings.


In the $2000 price range, go for treadmills with sturdy frames, offering stability and high-weight capacity for running or walking.

Make sure your treadmill feels solid without wobbling or seeming flimsy during use.

To check durability without trying it, consider machine weight and weight capacity—higher values are better.

Aim for treadmills with an assembled weight of around 300 lb for this price range.

This might make it a bit tougher to move and assemble, but it ensures workout stability.

Look for weight capacities safely accommodating 300 to 400 lb for a reliable choice.


Treadmill features in the $2000 range can differ a lot. Some brands focus on performance with basic LCD consoles, while others offer high-tech touchscreens.

You might find treadmills with workout streaming, but remember, there could be monthly fees.

Common features in this price range are:

  • Built-in workout programs (number varies)
  • Bluetooth for fitness apps and headphones
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • USB charging
  • Quick-touch incline/speed controls
  • Speakers (Bluetooth or audio jack)

My advice: prioritise performance first, then choose the treadmill with features that match your preferences. 


Remember the treadmill’s warranty – it’s as vital as the running surface and motor strength!

Longer warranties offer better peace of mind. Lucky for you, many treadmills in this price range have excellent warranties.

Typically, warranties cover the frame, motor, parts, and labour.

Top-tier treadmills usually come with lifetime warranties for the frame and often extend it to the motor.

A 5-year parts warranty is generous and common, with Spirit standing out for its exceptional 10-year warranty.

Labour warranties usually range from 1 to 2 years across most brands. Keep this in mind when evaluating treadmills!

Wrapping Up!

Finding the best treadmill under $2000 doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or performance. We’ve explored impressive options that offer exceptional features and value in this price range.

The ProForm Pro 9000 stands out for runners seeking a powerhouse with its outstanding deck cushioning, extra-long handrails, and vibrant touchscreen display. It’s the perfect companion for smashing fitness goals.

And remember the Sole F80, a true powerhouse with a spacious running surface, strong motor, and user-friendly console.

It balances performance and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable treadmill.

With these top picks, elevate your fitness routine without breaking the bank. Lace-up your shoes, grab water, and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality treadmill at home. The journey to a healthier you begins here.