Are you looking to improve your running speed on a treadmill? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, enhancing your treadmill workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

As a fitness trainer, I have seen many individuals need help to maintain a consistent pace or get stuck on a plateau regarding their treadmill runs.

In this blog, I will share some tips and strategies to help you increase your running speed on a treadmill and take your fitness to the next level.

From proper form to effective workouts, we will cover everything you need to know to run faster and stronger on the treadmill.

So, let’s get started and power up your treadmill runs!

What are the Optimal Treadmill Speeds for Beginners?

what speed should i run on treadmill

As a beginner treadmill runner, it’s essential to understand the optimal speeds for different activity levels.

Walking on a treadmill should be done at fewer than 5 kilometers per hour, while jogging can be increased to a speed of up to 7 kilometers per hour (5 mph). Once you go above 8 kilometers per hour, you’re officially running.

It’s crucial to find a comfortable pace you can maintain for your workout, whether a brisk walk or a light jog.

Gradually increasing your treadmill speed can build your endurance and improve your overall fitness level. 


The ideal speed for sprinting on a treadmill is around 18 kilometers or 12 miles per hour. This pace challenges your body to work harder and push beyond its limits.

However, starting at a lower speed and gradually increasing it is essential to avoid injury or fatigue. Consistency is vital to building endurance and increasing your speed on the treadmill. 

Speeds for Burning Fat

Long runs at a moderate pace, around 55-65% of your maximum heart rate, can help burn calories effectively. However, shorter and more intense workout sessions at 75% of your maximum heart rate can be equally effective for burning fat.

To maximize your treadmill run speed for weight loss, consider incorporating interval training or hill workouts to challenge yourself and elevate your heart rate. 

Decide about the Purpose of Exercising

When it comes to running on a treadmill, deciding on the purpose of your exercise routine is crucial. If your goal is to shed some pounds, then any running speed on a treadmill can help you achieve that.

However, if you aim to improve your cardiovascular fitness, opting for running or sprinting is recommended.

Increasing your treadmill workout intensity can elevate your heart rate and improve your endurance.

Treadmill Speed Conversion Formula

To calculate your pace per mile, you can use a simple formula: 60 divided by your treadmill speed setting.

For example, if your treadmill’s max speed is 6 mph, your pace per mile would be 10 minutes. If you increase the speed to 8 mph, your pace per mile will become 7:30 minutes. This formula benefits those who prefer to run indoors or in areas where outdoor running may not be accessible.

Knowing your pace per mile can also help you adjust your workout intensity accordingly, allowing you to challenge yourself and see improvements over time.

What’s a Good Treadmill Speed?

For walking, aim for a speed between 3 mph to 4 mph. This range is ideal for a brisk walk and can help burn calories while improving cardiovascular fitness.

On the other hand, for running, aim for a speed between 5 mph to 7 or 8 mph. This range will help you achieve a more challenging workout, improving your endurance and stamina.

However, it’s essential to remember that everyone’s fitness level differs. So, if you’re starting, it’s best to start slow and gradually increase your speed.

If you’re wondering what speed I should run on the treadmill, it depends on your fitness level, but aiming for a range between 5 mph to 7 or 8 mph is a good starting point.

What Speed Should I Run for a Mile?

For non-competitive runners who are in good shape, a mile can be completed in 9-10 minutes or a speed setting of 6-6.7 mph.

For those who are less fit or new to running, a pace of 12-15 minutes or a speed setting of 4-6 mph may be more appropriate. It’s important to find a speed that challenges you without pushing you beyond your limits. 

Treadmill Jogging Speed

When it comes to jogging on a treadmill, knowing your speed is crucial. It’s important to remember that anything over five mph is considered jogging, not just walking.

If you want to improve your treadmill mile times, finding the right speed for your fitness level is crucial.

Starting with a slower speed and gradually increasing over time is a great way to build endurance and prevent injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up!

Running on a treadmill can be a great way to improve your speed and endurance.

By incorporating interval training and gradually increasing your pace, you can push yourself to reach your maximum potential.

However, it’s essential to keep safety in mind and not exceed the treadmill’s top speed or your capabilities. Always warm up properly and listen to your body to prevent injury.

What are some other ways you like to improve your running speed? Let us know in the comments!